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Friendly and straightforward installation. No coding required.

How to install (3 steps):

Step 1
. Go to the Shopify Apps marketplace here, click on “Add app” and follow the instructions.

Parcel Install - Add app

Step 2
. Go to your store admin area, click on “Apps” located on the left-side menu, then click on the “Parcel Integration” app.

Parcel Integration

Step 3
. Provide your Parcel Pro™ API credentials and click on “Save“.

Parcel Pro Credentials

If you do not have Parcel Pro™ API credentials yet, you should request them here, or you can email Parcel Pro technical support at, with a message like this, for example:

Could you please provide me with my API credentials?
I need them to automate my shipping label process with the Shopify app. 
My Parcel Pro account #: [provide your account #]
Thank you.”




How to print shipping labels with insurance (3 steps):

Step 1
. Go to any unfulfilled order, click on “More actions“, and then click on “Create shipping and insurance“.

Step 2
. Choose the package, method of shipping, additional options, date of shipping, and then click on “Buy shipping label“.

Parcel Integration - Select Methods

Step 3
. Click on “Print label“, and a new window will open with your label, inner label and packing slip, ready to print.

Parcel Integration - Print Label

Happy savings!

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