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Integrate your Shopify store to your Parcel Pro™ account. No more manual work.

Currently, we only support shipments within the US. However, soon we will support international shipments and also from Canada, UK, EU and Hong Kong.

Insure your high-value shipments, automate your shipping label and packing slip printing process, synchronize the shipping status with the order, and send your branded and automated shipping status notifications to your clients.

By integrating Parcel Pro™ into your store, you will have access to the most competitive rates for shipping and insurance of high-value items to protect your business from risks throughout your entire supply chain.

Parcel Pro™ understands the unique needs and risks specific to the jewelry and collectibles industry, offering solutions based on sound expertise and technology that are designed to maximize efficiency and transform efforts into real results.

If you do not have a Parcel Pro™ account, you will need to create an account at If you do not have a to integrate your store to Parcel Pro™. After setting up your account, Parcel Pro™ will provide you with the most competitive rates on the market for shipping and insurance of your high-value products.

(Note: Parcel Pro™ is a UPS Capital® Company; learn more about Parcel Pro™ services and rates at The purpose of this app is to provide full integration with Parcel Pro™ services, synchronizing and automating the shipping and insurance processing of your items.)

Click here to install our app in your Shopify store.

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