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Free Shopify Store to Start

Would you like to have a free and new jewelry store to start on Shopify? Do not limit yourself on the regular trial period. We can help you for free, under our Free New Store Program. Your store will be free of charge as long as you need before the launch. 

Our initial and basic setup is also free for the business owner, because as Shopify partner, we can start and help you to build a new jewelry store and start your business on Shopify. You will not be charged by Shopify until you decide to publish your store at your convenience, without any commitment. We can take theses risks for you, because our dedication is compensated by the Shopify partners program.

To apply for the Free New Store Program, please email your business details at

If you don’t need any assistance, and want to set up your store by yourself, you can start here.

To learn more about the Jewelry Solution for Shopify, please visit our FAQ and Documentation here.

Thank you.

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